Birthday Chocolate Gift Ideas

Wow! There are a million types of chocolate that you can give as birthday gifts. Here I explore the wide options that you have, and then I’ll take a more detailed look at what, from my experience, would be good chocolates to buy your wife, girlfriend, mother, aunt, daughter, grandmother, boyfriend, husband, uncle, father, son and grandfather for their birthday – I think there’s a whole load of work to do, but I’m sure it’ll be enjoyable.

Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Birthday GiftsHotel Chocolat have some good selections of chocolate birthday gifts but mainly focus on selection boxes and roll out a few goodie bags of chocolates. It looks like they’ll bring out some fruity chocolates this summer which should make good birthday gifts. If you’re buying for a mother or father then they do some excellent alcoholic chocolates such as the Sleekster which are worth trying.

What they do a good job is helping people find chocolates suitable for different types of people such as Vegetarians and Vegans as all their chocolates have a little guide to their suitability for people with allergies or intolerances such as wheat, gluten, eggs and milk.


Thorntons Birthday ChocolatesThorntons have a very good selection of chocolate birthday gifts and nicely further categorise them into “gifts for her”, “gifts for him”, “celebrations”, “for chocolate lovers” and “for kids” so it’ll be really easy to find a nice chocolate gift for the right person.

They’re known for their chocolate truffles and they’re particularly good when you’re looking for chocolate gifts for a wife, girlfriend, mum, grandmother, sister, aunties and friends. Thorntons actually further categorise their chocolates to help people find the perfect chocolate gifts. For wives they do actually recommend their traditional continental chocolates as well as their classics and personalised chocolates which I can’t really fault.

For girlfriends they basically recommend the same chocolates but add in others such as the Milk Dark collection, the dessert gallery and Metropolitans. It’s important, however, to really think about your girlfriend would like to make sure you really get her something she’d like.

Their selection for mums is basically the same again, but they do add in a nice “Summer Collection” as well as some nice classic chocolates with flowers and some Champagne truffles.

Thorntons typically have the reputation of being a great place for chocolates for Grandmothers. I couldn’t really argue with that as they do keep the classic lines they’ve been making for years and years, but they’ve also added other chocolates such as a Nougat Ring and truffle hearts which do look good.

For sisters they recommend the cheaper blocks, but as bundles. It’s a tough call to know if a sister would prefer these over a box of truffles or continentals – it’s down to you.

Lucky’s – Luxury Cakes From Wonderland

Lucky's Luxury CakesIf you wanted to give your loved-one some unrivalled chocolate luxury, however, there’s only one place to get it and that’s from Lucky’s who create the finest cakes I’ve ever tasted – and direct from ‘Wonderland’. These cakes are coated in Valrhona chocolate which is one of the finest chocolate couvertures you can find on the planet.

The large box of cakes I reviewed has six of the finest, most decadent cakes you’ll ever try – and all in different flavours including a fudge one, a nutty cake, one with apricot bourbon, a cake made with white chocolate and pecan chunks and a ‘Mocha Madness’ which is an espresso infused brownie covered in white chocolate.

If you did want the pinnacle of opulence in chocolate form, then you just have to visit Lucky’s as I know of nowhere else that offers you the ability to have so joy with your clothes on.

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