South Devon Chilli Farm Bhut Jolokia Dark Chocolate

Having reviewed what I thought was the world’s hottest chocolate, I remembered that I had some from the South Devon Chilli Farm made with Bhut Jolokia chillies which are apparently measured at one million Scoville units. The last lot made me feel nauseous so I really didn’t expect too much happiness from this one. But what I actually got was a much more rounded flavour and a very pleasurable experience.

The guys at the farm are in the middle of producing some seriously hot chocolate and asked a few people that liked chillies to let them know what they thought. Seeing as my fridge is half-full of chilli sauces I couldn’t resist the opportunity. A couple of slabs duly arrived in a small plastic zip lock bag and awaited my attention.

There previous bar just wasn’t made with good enough quality chocolate, it tasted flat and chilli was just so overpowering that it completely masked any flavour that might have been there. With this one the chilli was strong, powerful but still managed to deliver some lovely fruity notes.

Of course, it’s all about the heat which it gives in spades, but this certainly isn’t a one-dimensional bar of chocolate that it could easily have been. For a ‘batch 1’ production sample, I think they’ve done a great job. The chilli flavour is clear, intense, sweet and incredibly long lasting – it just sits at the back of your throat ‘gently’ burning away.

For those of you who are interested it’s a 60% cocoa solids bar with 1% of mixed chillies. They’ll be retailing it themselves on their website and their cute farm shop, but will also be offering it for wholesale – if any retailers are reading this.

Seeing as this is the only ‘extreme’ chilli chocolate bar that hasn’t made me feel ill and have actually continued to nibble at it, despite its intense heat, I really can say it really won’t disappoint!

But if Steve wanted some feedback, I really couldn’t offer any – I love it as it is! And if you’re interested, my next chilli review will be next week and it’ll be their Fruit & Spice Chilli bar.

Lee McCoy

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