Betty’s Chocolate Brown Biscuits

I’m just a glutton for chocolate biscuits. I could eat them by the lorry load. So when I was sent over some of these from Betty’s the other day I was thrilled as I’m also a huge fan of the Betty’s Tea Rooms in York.

Of course they look fantastic, everything Betty’s does is just exquisite. But one of the nice things about these is that they’re pretty thin. I have a problem that I eat biscuits by the number, not until I’m full. As I’m trying to lose weight I limit myself to three a day. As these are thinner I end up consuming fewer calories. The down side is that they’re lovely and I naturally want more.

In terms of the flavour the do actually taste slightly alcoholic, but I don’t know why. There’s not an immense amount of flavour but they’re well suited to this warm weather and a hot cuppa whilst you watch the sun go down and relax in the thought you’ve had a productive day. I certainly would buy them next time I’m there. But the one thing I did notice was that they’re now actually 55p more expensive online than in store – boo I say!

Where To Buy These Chocolate Brown Biscuits

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