Bettty’s Milk Chocolate Christmas Tree

Bettty's Milk Chocolate Christmas Tree

Preparing the photography for Christmas chocolates can be as traumatic as preparing Christmas dinner for the extended family – but, of course, it’s worth it. As chocolatiers are generally in the Christmas spirit earlier than I am its meant that I’ve had no tinsel nor Christmas lights to hand to try and show this 24%  milk chocolate Christmas tree what it would like in a Christmas setting, you’ll just have to imagine the scents and sights of a cold Christmas with snow falling, the sounds of sleigh-bells and the aroma of the turkey being roasted in the oven. Family start milling around looking for the prime Christmas present opening position and you’re sat there knowing that one of your family have this to open.

The label

But, perhaps, just perhaps, it’s not a gift, per se. Perhaps you’ve bought it as a table decoration to be broken apart after the big meal. Each person’s hands diving over the used crackers and around the half-consumed bottles of wine. The prize being a layer of Betty’s milk chocolate Christmas tree. As this is about 12cm tall and comes with presents and a base as well as a ‘tree’ with golden shimmer, there really should be enough for ten or so people to get a good taste of the very agreeable chocolate.

The base

Here it pays to be adventures. Those furthest away will be inclined to reach for one of those golden canopies, whilst those closer should be able to reach one of the white chocolate Christmas presents. As will most presents, there’s a little surprise. They’re full with caramel. Now given that you’re mixing white chocolate and caramel then you know they’re going to be sweet, very sweet. The milk chocolate, is, of course, also sweet, but has the requisite indulgent-feel. We’re not talking bean-to-bar chocolate here. We’re talking chocolate a million times better than the gimmicky stuff you’ll find in the supermarkets.

No fairy?

There’s no reason that your Christmas chocolate buying should be limited to coins or selection packs. Live a little you can go for chocolate baubles and fir cones. You can even buy penguins, miniature bears, polar bears, fawns and owls – dash it Blitzen, there’s a veritable zoo there.

I think I’ll be getting some of these to spruce up the new house this Christmas. I know my wife controls all the Christmas decorations, but I’m putting my foot down. The windowsill of the front room will show our new neighbours how sophisticated we can be. Now all I need is some fake snow and the biggest Christmas tree going. I hate it; I’m getting in the Christmas spirit far too early! Thanks Betty!

One of her kind assistants sent me this Christmas tree to review, but if you wanted to buy one they are £15.95. I’ll splash some cash and get the baubles soon and let you know what they’re like (more importantly what my very fussy, good, wife thinks of them!)


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  • ann

    Sorry Lee, 24% Cocoa solids is very low indeed and combined with caramel and white chocolate is going to be palate searingly sweet indeed.

    A pity as though I can never get the whole Swiss/Yorkshire schtick their marketing people roll out their products are generally pretty good ( albeit mega £$£$£ expensive) so I would expect a bit better than this.