The Best Dark Chocolate Valentine’s Gifts

While most people enjoy the succulent flavors that chocolate creates, not everyone is a huge fan of every chocolate confection on the market. A few souls, for example, can only handle the mild creaminess of white chocolate, while milk chocolate is widely popular. However, if your Valentine is a dark chocolate aficionado, finding the perfect Valentine’s chocolate is important to getting this gift right. For a Valentine’s gift, it’s important to select only the best dark chocolate and not settle for imposters. There are several retailers that offer gift-appropriate dark chocolates that are sure to please your love.

An Intense Eating Experience
If you are a milk chocolate lover, the labels on dark chocolate can be confusing- don’t let that intimidate you. Dark chocolate is labeled based upon the percentage of cocoa solids in each bar. In most cases, dark chocolate starts at about 60% cocoa solids and goes as high as 85%. Many dark chocolate fans like the full range of nuances that these percentages offer; however, the higher range may be off-putting to some people, so only include those deepest flavors if you know your loved one appreciates the intense, dark notes in this range.

Thorntons has some of the best chocolates on the market and they do not disappoint when it comes to assortments of dark chocolates. The company has at least two boxed chocolate assortments that focus entirely on dark chocolates; both are under thirteen pounds. In addition, chocolate bars ranging from 61% to 85% cocoa solids are available, many featuring flavor-enhancing additions like ginger, mint and berries.

Hotel Chocolat
Another great British chocolatier is sure to impress your dark chocolate-loving Valentine. Hotel Chocolat grows much of their own cocoa beans, meaning that they keep their finger on quality during the entire production process. This company has a wide range of dark chocolate dipped fruits, including cherries, mangoes and ginger. In addition, several boxed sets would make beloved gifts for your lover. The Chili & Nibs Sweethearts chocolates are heart-shaped and have a subtle bite of chili to light the romantic fires. In addition, the Serious Dark Fix selection would be the perfect gift for any dark chocolate lover and is a mere twenty pounds.

Green & Blacks
Green & Blacks is not only an impressive chocolatier, but is also one of the few that makes their entire line organic. The company has at least two dark chocolate assortments ranging in price from ten to twenty pounds, one of which features wine as well.