Bespoke Luxury Chocolate Bars Coming To The UK?

Chocri LogoThe news is that Chocri is coming to the UK next month. And if it’s true, I can’t chuffing wait! The one thing I love about reviewing chocolate is that you get to try a wide range of wonderful flavours, but being someone that will try anything; I often come across the same flavour combinations time and time again. It’s no bad thing as the quality and style of the chocolate is often very different, but with Chocri I can combine six of around a hundred different ingredients to get around (if my maths is right … 10 000 000 000 different combinations) – and that’s not even counting the you can choose to have a base of either white chocolate, 32% milk chocolate, 64% dark chocolate or strawberry chocolate. Now if you can’t find a chocolate gift in there for your loved-one then I don’t know what would satisfy them!

So how does it work? Well you start off at that point – choose your chocolate base:

Chocri Bespoke Luxury Chocolate

And then you can choose some fruit toppings if you like. The options include pineapple, apple pieces, apricot, banana chips, pear, cranberries, strawberries, goji berries, blueberries, raspberry pieces, mango cubes, orange peel, papaya cubes, plum pieces, raisins and sour cherries:

Choose some fruit to go on your bespoke chocolate bar

And if you like your chocolate with a spicy or herby edge then you can choose from aniseed, basil, vanilla, cayenne pepper, chilli, chilli peppers, fennel, fleur de sel, ginger, coriander, orange pepper, colourful pepper, rosemary, chopped chives and cinnamon:

Choose herbs and spices on your bespoke chocolate bar

And your choices continue as then you’re met with a selection of nuts to adorn your bespoke chocolate bar with the options being: cashews, baked cashews, volcano cashews, wasabi peanuts, baked peanuts, roasted peanuts, roasted hazelnuts, hazelnuts, coconut, macadamia nuts, almonds, baked almonds, pecan nuts, pine nuts, pistachios, sunflower seeds and walnuts!

Add nuts to your bespoke chocolate bar

And if that’s not enough you can further personalise your bar of chocolate with such goodies as mini butter biscuits, cappuccino chocolate drops, strawberry chocolate drops, gummi bears, honey chocolate drops, caramel chocolate drops caramel pieces, liquorice drops, lemon chocolate drops, nougat pieces, orange chocolate drops, paprika sticks, rice crispies, coated rice crispies and chocolate buttons.

Personalise your bespoke chocolate bar

But wait, there’s more…. you can also go mad with some “decors” such as “flowers”, love beads, hearts, marizapan roses, “gold” and “silver” pearls, some nice notes such as “thank you”, and some smiley faces:

Strange ingredients for bespoke chocolate bars

But if you thought some of those ingredients were a bit strange, then check out the “field and meadow” category for something from the Zotter mould of chocolate ingredients as you can add bacon to your chocolate bar as well as mint leaves, chamomile flowers, cocoa beans, hemp leaves, honey-wheat flakes, lilac, and some other stuff I couldn’t translate.

Strange ingredients for bespoke chocolate bars

They also have a “special” category which in this case was just a repeat of the paprika sticks, but I’m sure they’ll have various different ingredients over time.

As you can see there’s a great deal to choose from so you’ve got to be able to come up with a really strange combination. When I was making my own (only to find the German site won’t let me get it delivered to the UK) was banana chips, paprika sticks, shredded chilli, bacon and Gummi bears. I’m sure it’d taste dreadful, but it’s fun. If you take a bit of time and match up the flavours there are some wonderful combinations to be had!

But how much does it cost? Well my five ingredients plus a dark chocolate base came to €5.4 or about £4.40 which for 100g isn’t cheap, but it isn’t just rolled off a factory conveyor belt with a million virtually identical chocolate bars. With the German site you’ve also got to order a minimum bars – but I managed to supplement my one order with one of their “random b-ware” bars which is made with random ingredients they want to get rid of.

Also, if you don’t have time you can choose from 31 bars that they’ve pre-selected the flavours of and only cost €3.90 or about £3.20 which seems good value. But I’m sure they’ll be offering some voucher codes for their launch too so you can get their bespoke chocolate bars for even less!

All in all I can’t wait for the site to go live. At the moment you’re shown their blog, which does need some new content on it to really explain to people how it works.

Check out Chocri for more information.

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  • Excited about: @chocri_uk launching in the UK

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      RT @chocolatereview: Excited about: @chocri_uk launching in the UK

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      @chocolatereview Oh, fun, fun, fun, can’t wait to have a go after reading several reviews already! Hope the carriage isn’t too high though..

  • Thank you for your great review! For the UK website we are planning some additional features. For example a recommendation tool, that tells you which combinations fit together, and much more… we are really looking forward to our launch ;)