Beschle Chocolatier

Beschler Chocolatier

In 1898, Ernst Beschle opened Confiserie Beschle in Basel, Switzerland. Since then, the family run confectionary has continued producing fine quality chocolates. Currently under the direction of Ernst’s great grandsons, Dominic and Pascal Beschle, the company now operates across Europe, Asia, the U.S and Canada under the company name of Beschle Confiserie. Beschle has dedicated itself to the fine craftsmanship and quality chocolate creations it has come to be known for over the past century. Delight in the exquisite chocolate delicacies that have become a century old tradition.

The Chocolate

Beschle’s chocolate creations have become world renowned over the past century as the company has gradually grown and expanded across 3 continents. Each handmade chocolate confection is created with a commitment to quality and fine craftsmanship. Beschle offers a wide range of innovative and unexpected taste creations with a unique sophistication.

Beschle Chocolate Bars

Beschle’s exquisite chocolate bars are available in a large variety of innovative combinations. Some of the more popular chocolate bars include:

  • Grand Cru Arriba (72%)—Made from cocoa beans harvested in Ecuador with subtle hints of liquorice and coffee.
  • Grand Cru Trinitario au fleur de sel et pistache(65%)—Created from Trinitario beans from Madagascar with just a hint of fleur de sel and pistachios.
  • Grand Cru Arriba aux Oranges (72%)—Cocoa beans from Ecuador with a sophisticated touch of natural orange.
  • Grand Cru au lait (38%)—Exquisite Grand Cru chocolate made with Swiss milk and combined with hazelnuts.
  • Grand Cru Carenero Superior (72%)—Grand Cru chocolate with hints of lychee, vanilla, nuts and fruit.
  • Trinitario Madagaskar (64%)—Trinitario chocolate combined with coffee and roasted nuts.
  • Grand Cru Indigena Amazonia (70%) aux Eclats—Elegant Grand Cru chocolate with a subtle taste of wood, coffee and fruit.

Beschle Pralines

Beschle’s creative chocolate confections include a variety of fine chocolate pralines. Their dark, milk and white chocolate truffles are available in a number of boxed creations and include such exquisite combinations as:

  • Pignon—A fine chocolate praline with roasted pine nuts and nut cream.
  • Truffe de Miel—A milk chocolate praline filled with a tasty honey ganache.
  • Pistache—A dark chocolate praline filled with a pistachio marzipan.
  • Café au Lait—A filling of coffee and nut cream covered in milk chocolate.
  • Truffe au Caramel—A caramel ganache filling coated in dark chocolate.
  • Mandarinettes—A milk or dark chocolate praline filled with a fine tangerine liqueur ganache. These exquisite pralines have been being created for more than 100 years.

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  • cal

    Hey Lee,
    would you happen to know if The Chocolate Trading Company is going to get Beschle chocolates back in stock?

    I’d like to, but can’t get both, and was wondering which one you prefer, or would try first, Chapon or Beschle?

    well, right now I can get hold of neither of them, but just to get an idea of what and where to look…

    • Lee

      ooh I’ll drop them a line if you want?

      • cal

        Could you? :)

        Though I’d really like to try a couple of Chapon’s bars, so far I haven’t been able to establish any form of communication with the on-line shop customer service (if such exists) regarding shipping…

  • Lisrshepherd

    Good luck David – it sounds delicious. Sorry I can’t come to Harrods on Wednesday.