Berry Scrumptious Chocolate Fudge

Berry Scrumptious first came into my world whilst I was holidaying near Loch Lomand a couple of years ago and have kept an eye on what they’ve been producing ever since. During that time I’ve enjoyed some very nice strawberry & black pepper dark chocolate, some delicious mulled berry chocolate and some simply outstanding chocolate covered strawberries and now I continue the eclectic mix of chocolate-related treats with two slabs of fudge: both containing raspberry, but one each of the dark and white varieties.

Raspberry & Dark Chocolate Fudge

What must be made clear at the outset is that if you’re expecting the sugar-fuelled mass-market fudge that could easily send you into a diabetic coma, then this you’ll be surprised to note that the natural raspberry flavours actually dominate. There’s an authenticity to this fudge that you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. And this makes it very easy to consume. But what I do like about this fudge is that much of the flavour seems to well up at the back of the mouth. It builds and then unleashes its payload down the back of the throat – whilst your taste buds have a slow build-up of the softer style of fruity flavour.

The white chocolate variety is even more subdued – at first at least. This one is also offers more of the archetypal fudge flavours and has as sweetness that builds up at a much faster pace. For me this was a touch too sweet, but I am less inclined to go for sweeter treats. The authentic raspberry flavour is certainly present and if you’re a raspberry lover then you won’t be disappointed.

Quick rating:
  • 73% – I’m typically not a fudge person, but I did very much enjoy the dark version.


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