Berger Dark Chocolate from Austria

Sometimes I’ll buy chocolate in the mindset of what I expect a typical ‘punter’ would have: ignorance. That sounds harsh, but it’s a simple fact that many people that buy supermarket chocolate either have non-existent knowledge of key terminology or principles or have manipulated or just incomplete knowledge. In this particular example I wanted to have the mindset of somebody that was buying chocolate as a gift and which led me to this Berger 70% dark chocolate bar because it had “thank you” in various languages on the packaging – and which may either appeal to local Austrian or German buyers or Brits visiting the area.

Berger Chocolate

To start with the aroma is very much of West African cocoas – far from appealing and certainly not appetising. It reminds me very much of the Belcolade 100% that I used to sell so that people could gauge the difference between fine cocoa and its mass-market alternative. With fine cocoas you would typically get some good flavours early on in the melt and if they do come through they are worth waiting for. With this chocolate, however, the flavours that eventually appear are that of vanilla, artificial sugar (I’m sure its not) and Ivar Ikea shelving. ┬áThe website says that this bar “is not a bad chocolate”, which is true, but its very close to being a bad chocolate. To the right of that page it lists “Popular chocolate tests” and I would contend that this Berger chocolate is closer to the Lindt bar mentioned – in terms of quality than it is the Domori or Valrhona it also mentions – that’s all you really need to know.

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