Matcha Chocolat Bergamot Cocoa Nib Milk Chocolate Shards

Matcha Chocolate Bergamot Cocoa Nib Milk Chocolate Shards Tin

When I think of mellow, soft but interesting flavours I always think of Matcha Chocolat, and I love them for that fact – but these shards are a very pleasant departure from typical chocolate I get to review and the ganaches I’ve tried of Katie in the past. So when she sent me over these three tubes of chocolate shards: this bergamot and cocoa nibs in milk chocolate, dark chocolate with rose and a tube of vanilla chai with cocoa nib; I was made to rethink how I categorise her chocolate.

Matcha Chocolate Bergamot Cocoa Nib Milk Chocolate Shards Inside

These shards are jam-packed full of flavour. The bergamot orange offers a wonderful and well-rounded citrus flavour whilst the cocoa nibs provide a delightful backdrop flavour and gives the whole experience a great depth.

When I review chocolate I try and segment chocolate in a few groupings, typically they include gourmet chocolate such as the Pierre Marcolini Palets Fins and Saveurs du Monde which typically costs a great deal and could intimidate people. I also view some chocolate as “session chocolate” – which is chocolate that you can aimlessly munch through without thinking about it (such as the personalised M&Ms). But these shards cross the boundaries of these two classifications.

Matcha Chocolate Bergamot Cocoa Nib Milk Chocolate Shards Texture

The thing is: they’re incredibly addictive, and I mean you’ll find your hand going back for more whilst you’re distracted by the TV or conversation. But when you do, your mouth is blasted with flavour. And with bergamot orange being a citrus fruit it will occupy your taste buds completely. I think what makes them so addictive is this fresh feeling they leave in your mouth – it’s like going through a wind tunnel with every mouthful.

I can certainly envisage buying these as a present for friends and family as at just £6.99 they’re great value!

  • Taste: 80% – I know some people will find them having too much of a bergamot oil flavour, but I actually loved that about them.
  • Texture: 70% – I’m in two minds about how thin they are, but I suppose that makes you eat more of it, which can’t be a bad thing!
  • Appearance: 90% – I thought the tin they came in was fantastic and much better than the other shards of chocolate I’ve reviewed this year.
  • Nutritional Information: 85% – all the information I would want both on the packaging and on the website.
  • Price: 75% – very good value for money
  • Overall: 80% – much, much better than a Terry’s chocolate orange!! And it’s so much better when you spend your money with a small company!

Where To Buy The Matcha Chocolat Bergamot Cocoa Nib Shards

Nutritional Information:

  • Ingredients: milk chocolate, candied orange peel, cocoa nibs, and natural bergamot oil.
  • Contains milk. May contain traces of nuts, soya, sesame, egg protein and gluten.
  • Milk chocolate contains min cocoa 40%.

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