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Askinosie ChocolateWith a curiosity for chocolate, criminal defence lawyer Shawn Askinosie began experimenting with his hobby in his own kitchen around 1999. His curiosity soon developed into a passion and in 2007 he founded Askinosie Chocolate. He began producing exquisite bean to bar chocolate in an historical building located on Commercial Street in Springfield, Missouri. The Chocolate University, a partnership between Askinosie, Drury University and Boyd Elementary, was designed as a hands-on educational program and experience for local students in the area. At Chocolate University, students learn a number of valuable skills such as fair trade, economics, global management and entrepreneurship.

The Chocolate

The cacao beans used in the manufacturing of Askinosie’s fine chocolate products are gathered from the Philippines, Mexico and Ecuador to produce delightful single origin white, dark, and dark milk chocolate. Askinosie’s award winning quality chocolate is available in the following varieties:

  • 77% Davao Dark Chocolate—A single origin dark chocolate made with cacao beans harvested in Davao, Philippines.
  • Davao Dark Milk Chocolate Bar + Fleur de Sel—A 62% dark milk chocolate with a hint of Fleur de Sel sea salt.
  • San Jose Del Tambo 70%–A single origin dark chocolate bar created from the finest cacao beans gathered from San Jose Del Tambo, Ecuador. Also available in a nibble bar, containing roasted cocoa nibs.
  • Soconusco 75%– A single origin dark chocolate produced from cacao beans grown exclusively in Socunusco, Mexico.
  • El Rústico Chocolate Bar 70%–An intermingling of sugar crystals and bits of vanilla bean with Askinosie’s Soconusco dark chocolate.
  • Soconusco White Chocolate Bar—Made with 34% cocoa butter produced from beans harvested in Soconusco, Mexico. Askinosie’s delicious white chocolate is also available in a nibble bar and a delightful white chocolate bar containing roasted organic pistachio nuts.

In addition to their single origin chocolate bars, Askinosie also carries a number of gifts, drinking chocolate, baking chocolate and cocoa nibs.

Buy Askinosie Chocolate

You used to be able to buy their chocolate in the Selfridges store in the Trafford Centre, but I’ve not seen it there for a while and now that Artisan du Chocolat have a concession there, I doubt they’ll still be available. You can buy direct, however!

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