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Artisan du Chocolat was started in 2000 by pastry chef Gerard Coleman, who was born in Ireland and completed and studied in Brussels with the famous chocolatier, Pierre Marcolini. After his apprenticeship, Gerard returned to the UK to begin his company. In 2002, Gerard joined in partnership with Anne Weyns and the two opened the first Artisan du Chocolat shop. As the business expanded throughout the years, Gerard and Anne continued to develop and experiment with their chocolate, producing a wide range of delicious chocolate confections. In 2006, the Artisan headquarters were moved to Kent, where a number of guided tours are offered to give chocolate lovers a first hand experience of how Artisan’s delicious chocolate is made.

Artisan du Chocolate Products

Artisan du Chocolate offers a wide range of delicious and luxurious quality chocolates. From chocolate bars, gift hampers and collections, to tempting truffles (such as the Chapel Down Sparkling Wine Truffles), Artisan produces some of the finest chocolate confections in the world.

Artisan du Chocolat Chocolate Bars

  • Origin—Artisan’s origin bars include Organic and fairly traded Panama Dark, Rainforest Alliance Costa Rica, Vietnam, Jamaica dark and milk, Bali and Congo. Each of these varieties is produced from cocoa beans harvested in a particular region.
  • Freedom—Includes sugar-free milk, sugar-free dark and almond milk chocolate bars. These specialty chocolate bars are free from dairy and sugar products.
  • Fusion—These 8 delicious bars include Orchid and orange blossom, Mole Chili, Lumi, Tonka, Gianduja, Saffron, Black Cardamom and Ginger and lemongrass.
  • Caffe—The caffe bars, created from cocoa and aromatic ground coffee beans include the Espresso bar and the Caffé e latte.
  • Tbars—An exquisite combination of cocoa and ground tea powders, the Tbar collection includes Darjeeling, Rooibos tea and Matcha bars.

Artisan du Chocolat Fruits and Nuts Chocolates

Something about fruits and nuts covered luxuriously in chocolate is simply irresistible. Artisan’s fruits and nuts chocolates includes a number of tantalizing combinations such as Wasabi peas, orange peels coffee, candied ginger and Macademia coconut, as well as a variety of other delightful chocolate covered treats. Included in Artisan’s fruit and nuts collection are 3 wildly sweet and spectacular chocolate bars. Their Wild milk, dark and white chocolate bars are a mouth-watering combination of chocolate and a variety of fruits, spices and buttery cake bits and biscuit crumbs.

Artisan du Chocolat Collections and Gifts

Artisan du Chocolate also carries a large variety of gift collection and hampers to suit any occasion. Collections include their signature collection, truffles collection and wedding collection, in addition to a number of other delightful assortments. Gifts and hampers are available in a wide array of beautiful and impressive hand made boxes and artisan containers as well as curious creations such as the Chocolate Scotch Egg.

Inside Artisan du Chocolat

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