Artisan du Chocolat Costa Rica 72%

Costa Rica has been very good to me in terms of the chocolate produced with cacao that originated from the small Central American country sandwiched between Panama and Nicaragua. We’ve had the sublime Potamac Upala 82% and the Chocolate Truffle Co. 64% bar which have all been rating over 80%. But how does this 72% cocoa bar from Artisan du Chocolat compare?

Of course Artisan du Chocolat always put imagery on the cover which is emblematic of the country of origin and at first I didn’t associate butterflies with Costa Rica, but doing a bit of internet research I’ve found out that butterflies are actually a big thing in the country. I suppose that symbolism also works well with the fact that this bar is made with cocoa beans that are certified by the Rainforest Alliance?

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Despite only being at the 72% level the aroma is actually a great deal more intense than one might expect – it’s strong and full of the sort of character that I crave in chocolate. There’s most certainly a Bovril tone to it.

The flavour is quite strange, I actually got hints of school custard then some spotted Dick. I really did appreciate the flavours coming out of ‘left-field’ – there’d be these sweet notes coming through at first and then cedar wood and then a tantalising degree of acidity just at the tip of the tongue.

Although I would have preferred the bar to actually thicker as I do like to take more chocolate in my mouth at a time, I still very much enjoyed this one from the Kentish chocolate makers.

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Quick Rating:
  • 77% – definitely worth trying.

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