Artisan du Chocolat Bali

The problem with having a large chocolate collection is that sometimes you mess up and review chocolate a few months past its best before date. Here I’m reviewing this bar three months past that date, but even taking that into mind, I thought it was full of character, and was very similar to the tasting notes Gerard provided.

Last summer I tried their Vietnam bar and this was just as unusual. The flavours seem to wrap around each other – probably like a pit of Balinese snakes. They’ll come to surface, impart some flavour and then disappear again. There most definitely is some baked banana flavour but perhaps mixed with mixed spice and a touch of pepper but then at the very end some aniseed mixture that some Indian take aways offer.

Underlying all this beautiful, sweet mixture is hint of a Lumi-style flavour which gives it a base bitterness which I feel it needed. But if you tried the aroma first you’d be very much surprised as its very much of tobacco and oak wood.

I do wonder how this bar would have tasted in date, if different at all. Hopefully the guys at Artisan du Chocolat would give me a nudge if it comes back in stock?

Where To Buy The Bali 72% Dark Chcolate Bar

Quick Review:
  • 83% – I loved the mellowness combined with the very interesting banana flavour

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