Appellation Sensations Wine Filled Dark Chocolates

I really don’t know where to start. I’m sat here dumbfounded by these wine filled chocolates that Janet from Chocolate Connoisseur sent me this week. From the very first sight until you’ve licked the last drop of jammy Bordeaux wine confit from your mouth you will be in a chocolate heaven.

The see-through “box” that holds the 8 pieces of chocolate delight is beautifully wrapped in raffia-paper and labelled with the French description “Chocolate Fourre Confit De Vin Rouge” or “Chocolate Lines Crystallised Red Wine” to those amongst us that don’t speak French.

The individual chocolates are fantastically embossed in a bunch of grapes design give it a rustic feel. At this point I wasn’t fully aware of what held in wait for me. I should have read the press release that I was sent before hand, but I wanted to put myself in the position many of those that will buy the chocolates would be in and not know the full details.

What I did get was very much a pleasant surprise. Inside I was met by a delicious jammy confit of red wine. It was sweet, sticky and utterly mouth-watering. I just love red wine and I love food cooked with it. But I’ve never had it in a chocolate scenario and this is an experience I’d love to have again.

But there’s a lot more to know about these chocolates as they are hand made using 72% cocoa Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance Belgium chocolate will with a “confit de vin” made from Chateau La Gatte Bordeaux red wine. Those who are breast-feeding or worrying about driving should know that there is 1.6% redisual alcohol.

I really can’t speak too highly of these chocolates. If you’re looking for an adult, but fruity chocolate experience, I’ve not tasted any better this year. They’re also perfect for these dark nights to snuggle up on the sofa and work along them. In summer I’m sure they’d also be great to munch in the garden watching the sun go down.


Taste: 98% – the confit may wrestle with the dark chocolate for prominence. But its a battle that you’ll enjoy taking place in your mouth.

Texture: 99% – I loved the jammy nature with the lovely smooth dark chocolate. The combination on that level worked exceptionally well.

Appearance: 95% – They looked delightfully rustic with the added bit detail with the raffia bow.

Nutritional Information: n/a – there wasn’t much and I don’t care ;-)

Price: 80% – at £7.99 its basically £1 a square. But its money well spent.

Overall: 93% – out of this world. I’m currently trying to find somewhere to hide them.

You can buy direct from Chocolate Connoisseur.

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