Antica Dolceria Bonajuto 45% Chocolate

Antica Dolceria Bonajuto 45% Dark

So there’s here’s a 45% dark chocolate. That’s right, most of this rustic chocolate bar is the carbohydrate that’s (rightly) had so much bad press recently. Seeing as I’ve been munching on 100% most of the day I thought turn tail and try some mega sweet chocolate. But it isn’t all that sweet.

They always have a wonderful texture

I just love the chocolate Dolceria Bonajuto make. It’s not pretentious; it’s not formulated by committee or marketing ‘guru’. It’s just old fashioned, rustic, ‘take it or leave it’ chocolate. It’s coarse, granular, gritty and as far away from a Galaxy bar as you could ever wish to find yourself. The sugar crystals are pronounced and you can taste each and every one of them. But, strangely, it’s not like eating a tea-spoon of processed sugar. It’s sweet, but somehow restrained. The look of puzzlement on my face is most probably quite striking if I could see it.

Perversely this chocolate doesn’t actually taste of either chocolate or sugar. It tastes more like the big tubs of hot chocolate my parents used to buy on our return from Eurocamping at some humongous French hypermarché. I might be admitting here to actually spooning it in my gob before the fridge door was opened and the milk retrieved. But that’s exactly how it tastes – almost of nothing.

I am struggling to find a purpose for this chocolate as it’s neither confectionary nor chocolate on the base that it neither gives you a sugar/fat high nor does it pique my chocolate interest. I love their other chocolate that has much less sugar, but still the unrefined texture, but I just don’t have much time for this one.


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  • This sounds dull in flavor. But a gritty chocolate? That sounds interesting to me. I haven’t really paid too much attention to chocolate before eating my first 98% chocolate bar last year (that tasted so amazing I blogged about it!), but though I’ve tasted very dry chocolates they haven’t truly been gritty. I think I’ll explore the darker varieties of this brand at some point.