Ananda Mentally Mint Dark Chocolate

Mint chocolate has been my thing since the days of After Eight Mints and Walls Vienetta, but I feel that I’ve been permanently scarred by this this 70% dark mint bar by the Dutch company Ananda Chocolate.

Beautiful it may look, but there’s a dark, unpleasant character to this bar – it actually tastes of burned toast spread liberally with marmite. The marmite I can handle, but the charcoal factor is very off-putting. I don’t think that has anything to do with the fact that its organic, without any trans fats, nor any GMOs, is gluten free and suitable for vegetarians, but the over use of the mint combined with excessive quantities of coffee. In its own right this combination along with the Ecuadorian cocoa should be delicious – alas it’s not.

The texture is incredibly rustic as if you’re chewing on cocoa nibs but when you add this acidity to that of the mint and granular nature of the coffee then it’s all a bit too much. It just doesn’t “hang together” well. I really wanted to be positive about this bar, but I just can’t.

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Quick Rating:
  • 45% – underneath all of that harshness does beat the heart of a wonderful bar, but the balance of flavours is too far towards the acidic, harsh end to make it enjoyable.


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