Amelia Rope 70% Ghana Single Origin

It seems ages since I reviewed Amelia’s Lemon and Mexico dark chocolate bars, so it’s about time I completed my task and tried the final of the three – the Ghana 70%. The reason I haven’t tried it before was that the other two sounded more interesting seeing as Ghana is the second largest cacao producing country at about 21% of the world’s supply and quite a lot of average chocolate comes from the nation. Unfortunately I feel my decision to leave this until last was vindicated.

Much of the chocolate I’ve tried from Ghana hasn’t been ‘stand-out’ chocolate, the Akosombo 68% from La Maison du Chocolat was very nice and had a very much of a caramel tone as this does – at first. What makes this bar different is its sweetness. Despite being a 70% bar it’s far sweeter than most at this level I’ve tried in the past. The initial bite may give citrus fruit flavours and the slightest sense of banoffee pie but it is essentially a sweet caramel bar that may not appeal so much to the purists amongst us.

In this weather, I do prefer less ‘meaty’ or ‘acidic’ dark chocolate but I’m not sure how much of this sweet one I could manage. I think I’ve had about eight squares now and I think I’ve had my fill. It’s always nice to try different styles of chocolate, but I’m generally less favourable towards this type of dark chocolate. I much prefer complex flavours and not bars that are pretty much one-dimensional.

That’s not to say this bar doesn’t have its place, as it certainly does, but even in this weather I prefer my dark chocolate to be less mellow. If you wanted a bit more ‘zip’ then definitely try her Lemon bar instead.

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Quick Review:
  • 64% – worth trying if you prefer a sweeter dark bar

  • I bought this bar to review

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