Amelia Rope Dark Lemon Chocolate Bar

Amelia Rope Dark Chocolate 67% Madagascar Bar

I think I heard of Amelia Rope when she was featured in one of those gifts guides that the national newspapers put together at Christmas. Not one for wanting to miss out on some fantastic chocolate I thought I’d get the credit card out and buy some. The first I tried was the lemon flavoured 67% cacao Madagascan bar, I was slightly delayed in tasting the bar as I marvelled at the how they appeared as they came out of the packaging. They were lovingly tied in ribbon and each placed within a cellophane wrapper which kept them fresh. I just go crazy for this personal touch. I love to feel as though some thought was put into how the bars reached me and they just weren’t part of a mechanical process where the only human input was someone sat behind a computer or throwing them into the back of a delivery van.

Amelia Rope Dark Lemon Insert

I also loved the recycled-feel paper used to wrap the bar and the insert which gave some background information into why Amelia got into chocolate and what here plans are for the future. This is an added touch that I think all small-scale chocolate producers should do if they’re trying to create a bespoke, unique or artisan feel.

Amelia Rope Dark Lemon Chocolate Bar - Personal Touch

The foil wrapper was also loosely moulded around the bar, much like the Red Star chocolate bars which, again, gave that ‘small batch’ feel – and that’s for a reason, this bar was the just the 135 bar to be created in a short run of 150.

Amelia Rope Dark Lemon Chocolate Bar - Shine

The chocolate itself had a mirror-like shine that was incredibly appealing and I just couldn’t wait to snap a piece off and indulge. What I did notice when doing this was how difficult it was to break – this is certainly no bar for wimps.

The aroma was obviously dark, but mixed with an organic spiciness that very much reminded me of the bars that Green & Blacks produce – of course it’s much better than that though.

The slightly acidic aroma isn’t followed through with the flavour, instead it countered by a sweet lemon tone that was perfectly balanced. The character of the dark chocolate was allowed to come through and was in no way distracted by the lemon. Instead, this sweet flavour just occupied the lower range of the taste profile and supported it all the way through.

The texture was also delightful too. This really is an absolutely fantastic flavoured bar of chocolate. Of course it’s a different bread than the fine, artisan single origin bars, but this still holds a similar place in my heart as the Pralus Chuao purely because it’s so moorish. There’s may not be a kaleidoscope of complex flavours, but what it sets out to do, it does exceptionally well! If this was a song it would be:

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  • Taste: 85% – an absolutely divine, mellow flavour that just seems to relax every muscle
  • Texture: 85% – utterly splendid.
  • Appearance: 95% – purposefully rustic
  • Nutritional Information: 80% – everything you need
  • Price: 85% – its not cheap, but that’s because its excellent.
  • Overall: 86% – a marvel


Nutritional Information:
  • Cocao solids, cocao butter, sugar, organic lemon oil, vanilla, emulsifier : soya lecithin


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  • Hello Lee,

    Yesterday I took this chocolate bar, for me unknown this brand Amelia, and I really liked it, it was nice to get acquaited to this Amalia. Also the presentation is nice and stylish.