Amelia Rope 71% Dark Chocolate From Mexico

Amelia Rope 71% Mexico Dark Chocolate Bar

Obviously cacao originated in the Amazonian basin and worked its way out through South America into Central America and into Mexico overtime (how it got there is still open to debate). In Mexico it became somewhat domesticated and eventually a cultivated crop by the Mayans, so it seems fit that some of my favourite chocolate comes from Mexico. There’s no indication, however, of the exact location where the beans used to make this couverture came from, I can safely say that it wasn’t from the same location that Hershey uses in its Mexican factory.

Amelia Rope 71% Mexico Shine

That aside, the packaging and design were the same as the Lemon dark bar from Amelia which I also loved. However the aroma was strikingly more intense with this one, it had a very pointed acidic character but with a backdrop of a camp fire that’s been left overnight – certainly very interesting.

Texture of the Amelia Rope 71% Dark Chocolate Bar

The flavour, however, was far less poignant. It’s a very mellow bar that offers a Bakewell Tart, sweet flavour which takes it’s time to get going but ultimately is very pleasurable. And this mild flavour works so well with a very long-lasting melt. That, too, takes a good while to get going, but is one of its strong points. If you’re like me and love to just let a block or two melt in your mouth to pick up the flavours then you’re on to a winner as this tablette is a bar that just keeps on giving. I’d say this bar is the Duracell Bunny of the chocolate world. As you chew there’ll more and more chocolate occupying your mouth and pushing a cute bubble-gum type flavour to the back of your mouth.

I’ve now eaten far too much of this. But it just proves what an utterly delicious bar this is.

Where To Buy This 71% Dark Chocolate Bar
  • Amelia Rope – I don’t this Amelia is making this bar any more.
  • Offline stockists – Amelia supplies a variety of stores including Elizabeth King, Harvey Nicols, Selfridges, Union Market, Wholefoods etc.

  • Taste: 78% – if you’re in the mood for a mild and slightly fruity dark chocolate bar then this will be spot on for you. If you’re after an intense affair then you’d have to look elsewhere
  • Texture: 85% – I loved the texture and melt of this bar, it just lasted an age
  • Appearance: 80% – I love the simplicity of the design and the fact that for each bar Amelia uses a different colour foil. This one had a beautiful cerise colour/
  • Nutritional Information: 75% – I’m not expecting any in-depth analysis of the nutritional composition of the bar, but there was certainly enough there. And if you’re interested, this bar was #52 out of 180 made.
  • Price: 70% – at £5.59 they may be a bit much for people that haven’t heard of Amelia, but I implore you to give them a go.
  • Overall: 77.6% -definitely worth trying!

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