Amedei Cioccolato al Latter Bianco con Pistacchi

It must be a full moon, an equinox, Friday the 13th and a solar eclipse all rolled into one. Why I hear you ask? Well its a white chocolate that I absolutely adored. This bar from Amedei combines their usual white chocolate base with small pieces of pistachio which combines gives it a wonderful mouth-feel.

The aroma is not one that I come to expect from a white chocolate either as its very dry and almost eggy. But its the flavour that I found most intriguing. Typically white chocolate is too sweet, creamy and unpleasant in the mouth.  But with this bar the sweetness is muted far below even a typical artisan milk chocolate bar. What’s more, with it there is the delightful flavour that pistachio offers which seems to bring some adult sensibility to the experience. I actually found myself stuffing a few pieces in my mouth at once. Did I mention adult?

If  you’re looking for a very indulgent, but sophisticated chocolate treat and are open to white chocolate but like refined flavours then I really do suggest you try this one from Amedei.

Quick Rating:
  • 85% – and I’m just going to get my head examined


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