Amedei Toscano Black 66%

So far, this month hasn’t exactly been blessed with wonderful chocolate. I’ve had various bars that were either too bitter, too acidic or just plain average. But, thankfully, my patience has been rewarded with a magnificent bar from Amedei.

The Toscano Black is a blend of cacao, but unlike the Valrhaona Abiano, Amedei manage to pull it off. But you wouldn’t expect that from the aroma as it as a definite wet mushroom feel about it. Although that sort mildness continues into the start of the melt, it manages to transform itself into a fantastically fruity bar.

If I had to describe that flavour then I’d suggest it was a combination of Vimto and caramelised onions with only the slightest edge of the Refreshers sweet. It may not be rammed full of flavour and it may not have an acidic edge that I adore, but it does have a lot of playful character about it that it’d be remiss of me to call it boring. It’s certainly not an ‘exciting’ bar in the classic sense of the word, but it does offer a sweet alternative to the more broody bars that we’re so often presented by fine chocolate makers.

Quick Rating:
  • 80% – excellent


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