Amedei Toscano Black 63%

Amano Toscano Black 63%

This is a test of my ability to review a bar based on one and a half squares. When I was a judge for the Academy of Chocolate last year this about as much as we had to base the awards on then. I normally have about 20g to 25g of chocolate to do a review so this is going to be a huge challenge given that haven already consumed most of the bar whilst I was working over the past few days.

The brand name on the chocolate

The aroma most definitely reminds me of sitting on the beach at Lyme Regis having just purchased a bag of salty chips at the chipy just off Bridge Street. The breeze would come in off the cold sea, hit the saline coating on the deep fried potato fingers and float up into my nose. Ahh the memories.

The flavour is a world away, however. It’s very much a light, fruity affair. It does remind me of those raspberry and vanilla ice creams that seemed to be the less sweet alternative to a Magnum and I’d occasionally procure from the ice cream van when we were at places like Lyme Regis. In itself it’s far from remarkable, but as a flavour emanating from a chunk of chocolate, it’s certainly most pleasant indeed. It’s the taste of summer in chocolate form – without all those intense, sharp fruit flavours that dominate most summer chocolate collections. If there’s any one dark chocolate I’d go for on a hot day, this would be it (I’d also demand a G&T chaser!)

I’ve now polished off the last sliver of the chocolate, and short of hovering up the fragments that adorn my desk, that’s as much as I can report. If you can get your hands on some Toscano Black 63%, most definitely try some! I’ll give this a quick rating of 85%.

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