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The purpose of this review is to test the theory that no white chocolate can be good chocolate. Of course we all know that white chocolate isn’t actually chocolate, but that’d be just tedious of me to mention that fact yet again. But what better way to approach the thorny white chocolate issue than with a bar made by the fantastic people at Amedei?

Just as every other bar they’ve seemingly produced, this one is beautifully packaged in the usual kimono wrap-around format and adorned with as much information about its contents as you could manage to consume. They say you at first eat with your eyes and there can be no greater example than that of Amedei chocolate.

Colour-wise this bar would be indistinguishable from a Milky Bar – apart from the obvious fact that their brand is imprinted on to the mould. But when it comes to the flavour, it is lacking. And that’s to the bar’s credit given the usual insipid, creamy, vanilla flavour of white chocolate that generally makes it just so unpalatable. Instead you really have to draw the chocolate over your taste buds to notice anything in particular and then it’s actually quite pleasant. There seems to be an aftertaste of cold November nights with the hint of fireworks in the air, but not much else.

Where it not for the calorific nature of the bar then I could happily consume the lot. I know how strange that sounds from someone so ardently a dark chocolate fan, but I have to give Amedei credit, it certainly exceeded my expectations.


Quick Rating:
  • 70% – far better than I thought it’d be


  • I bought this bar but it is affiliated


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