Amano Dark Chocolate Bars – A Guide

Amano Dark Chocolate Bars

In 2006, Art Pollard and Clark Goble founded Amano Artisan Chocolate Company. In Italian, Amano means “they love” and “by hand,” indicating that Amano’s quality handcrafted chocolate is made with a deep passion for the art of chocolate making. This bean to bar producer of fine artisan chocolate is located in Orem, Utah, in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Situated over 4,000 feet above sea level, Amano is ranked among the highest altitude producers of chocolate worldwide. The drier temperatures and high altitudes provide the ideal conditions for the manufacturing of outstanding and delicious chocolate. Amano’s goal is not to be the largest chocolate manufacturer in the world, but to be the best.

Amano Chocolate Bars

Amano’s superb single origin chocolate bars have won this U.S chocolate manufacturer worldwide recognition. Produced from only the finest cacao beans available and include the following delicious blends:

  • Ocumare Premium Dark Chocolate – Produced from cacao beans exclusive to the Ocumare Valley, Venezuela, this bar carries a rich chocolate taste with notes of red fruit.
  • Madagascar Premium Dark Chocolate -This intense chocolate produced solely from beans harvested in the Sambirano Valley of Madagascar exhibits citrus and raspberry flavor notes.
  • Guayas Premium Dark Chocolate – Notes of spice and blackberry dance with smoky and floral undertones to create a truly intense chocolate experience. This chocolate is produced from Arriba cacao beans grown in the Guayas river basin of Ecuador.
  • Jembrana Premium Dark Chocolate -Created from high quality cacao beans grown and harvested in Bali, Indonesia, this chocolate bar possess an intense chocolate flavor mingled with notes of fig and honey for a sweet sensation.
  • Dos Rios Dark Chocolate – This smooth, rich chocolate with subtle hints of cinnamon, orange and clove is handcrafted from cacao beans produced exclusively in the Dominican Republic.

Limited Edition Chocolate Bars

  • Montanya Limited Edition Dark Chocolate – Rare cacao beans harvested in the Venezuelan mountains are transformed into a smooth and rich chocolate experience with subtle flavor components of nuts, apricots, marshmallow and spice.
  • Cuyagua Limited Edition Dark Chocolate – This 70% dark chocolate bar carries delightful undertones of fruit and spices and is produced from cacao beans grown exclusively in the Cuyagua Valley of Venezuela.

Amano Documentary

Here’s a video about Amano and the owner Art, well worth a watch:

This video is also worth watching as it shows the process they go through:

Buy Amano Chocolate

  • In the UK you can buy from, well, er I can’t find anywhere! I’ll keep looking!
  • In the USA you can buy from Amazon.

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  • Hello Lee,
    very nice review on this splendid chocolate!
    My first order from this chocolate is in the house (september 1, 2010), I follow Art’s project since the start and finally I can sell his chocolate in Belgium. Its a unicum for this country and I’m very proud to have als his bars in my shop. Also I will make my bonbons with the Ocumare and the Madagascar from Amano, its nice to work with originchocalate, its so much better than the chocolate we have here in Belgium.
    Thanks for this review, I’m looking forward to taste.

  • Rod

    Amano can be purchased at Fortnum & Mason in London