Alprose Swiss Milk Chocolate

Alprose Kosher & Passover Milk ChocolateSo a Jewish friend of mine gave me this Alprose Swiss Milk Chocolate to try out as he knew that I’m always interested to try new chocolate because its Kosher chocolate suitable to consume for Passover. Now I’m no expert on Judaism so I won’t try and explain what Kosher food is as I know I’d get it horribly wrong! But for Passover there’s even more restrictions included not eating leavened foods, but to save you all the grief of working out if your chocolate is suitable for Passover there’s typically a symbol that has a “U” in a circle and the letters “D” and “P” next to it – so look out for that.

Alprose Kosher & Passover Milk Chocolate

Now the packaging isn’t going to win any awards, that’s for sure. But it’s more functional than anything. There’s a lot of nutritional information and in many languages so that’s fair enough. What it does do is set your expectations for nothing great. And that’s what you get.

Alprose Kosher & Passover Milk Chocolate

I know there’s dietary restrictions may affect the taste, but I’d expect a bit more of a chocolate flavour than there was. Even at 35% cocoa content I would have expected more. The flavours are incredibly mild and matched with a faux chocolate texture. There certainly wasn’t much exciting about this bar and, in actual fact, not a lot to write about – other than to say that if your religion demands you to have Kosher and Passover chocolate then you don’t really have a choice and that your religion is probably a lot more important to you than how the chocolate tastes.

I’m going to do a quick review here of 45%. I hope the other Passover chocolate I have tastes better.

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