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So here’s a bit of a bio of me: For starters, my name is Lee McCoyand I do virtually all of the reviews here, take all the pictures and do all the admin. But I suppose you’d like to know a bit a bit more about me and the site?

Well this site isn’t my day job. That’s as a Managing Director of an internet marketing company: Get Visible. During working hours I help companies get more sales using the internet. Some days it’s very interesting, and others it’s just a hard grind. But hey, the bills have to get paid.

About Chocolate Reviews

You probably want to know if this site makes money. Well it’s only about 9 months old and it makes me very little. I’d be surprised if it was £100 in that time. I have other sites that I work on in the evenings that help pay the bills.

Are you Impartial?
To be honest I would say I am. PR contacts do help focus your eye on certain aspects of a company and individual and the monetisation of this website may lead many to doubt its impartiality, but I can assure you there is no long-term benefit in being deceitful. I prefer to leave it to the individual to judge, as well as communicate the thoughts of others in the industry.

Regarding the chocolates which I rated as the best of 2010, Geert Vercruysse forwarded me a nice comment from Casa Luker:

Knowing that Lee McCoy is a well-respected and known for his neutrality and his sharpness, this article brings your skills to the highest levels.

Francis Temmerman
– Casaluker Europe Manager

Why Are There Only Very Few Banners?
I have a strong dislike for banners and stuff like that. If I use them, I’ll make them unobtrusive or completely relevant to chocolate, if they’re promoting a fantastic offer like 10%, if they’re seasonal or because I’ve given them away to good causes.

How Does The Site Make Money Then?
Well, most (90%) of the reviews are non-affiliated. But some are. Some sites I can earn some money if people buy things. I try and get a good balance of types of reviews so the site just doesn’t become a money making exercise over trying to find the best chocolate. If you wanted to find out more about our Privacy Policy or how we comply with the new EU directive on cookies then we’ve got a page about that too. If you want to turn off cookies you can find out how to do that here.

What Do I Do With What I’ve Earned?
Well it’s not been much so far. But every penny this site has earned has been reinvested into buying more chocolate to review, or the hosting, design etc. If I add up all the time I’ve spent on this site and worked out how much I could have earned doing my day job then this site would probably be running at a loss of about £20,000 so far.

What Are The Goals Of The Site?
I’d love to help the smaller chocolate makers get more exposure. There are some exceptional chocolatiers out there that just can’t afford to advertise in magazines or TV.

Also I love chocolate – what better way to spend my spare time that reviewing it and taking pictures of it?

What Future Plans Do I Have?
Well I want to review as much chocolate as I can. But I also want to provide more general information about chocolate etc. which I will be on a separate site about fine chocolate. Here I’ll explore how gourmet chocolate is made, what types there are, who makes it, and anything about luxury chocolate (when I find time). And regrets? I have a few, I wish I had done a TEFL course and taught English abroad!

What Is My Favourite Chocolate?
For a complete experience, it has to be the Geert Vercruysse Selection – review.

But if we’re talking about normal chocolate, I love dark chocolate about 65% to 75%. But I also just adore Rocky Road chocolate. Damn it. I just love chocolate!

What Have Been Your Highlights So Far?

I’d say one of the biggest highlights so far has been visiting the Thorntons Chocolate Factory – that was just fantastic!

I also love keeping on top of the chocolate news as I find it absolutely fascinating. I hope you do too.

If you’ve had your chocolate featured on the site then you can download the high-resolution photos from Flickr.

Are you involved in anything else?

Other than Chocolatiers, I’m also involved with My Kiddy Offers.

Supporting The Important People

To me the most important people in the cacao growers and harvesters, without these people we wouldn’t have chocolate. It’s a sad fact that these people are often the most underprivileged. As such I’ve created a team for people in the chocolate industry that wish to do their bit more directly to help the people that make our industry possible. You can lend from $25 at Kiva.


You can read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. We’re very strict on protecting your privacy.

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