7" Chocolate Pizza

Novelty Chocolate Pizza

Ah when my good friend Zak who runs the PrezzyBox gifts and gadgets site offered me this chocolate pizza to try, well I just couldn’t resist. Well who would? I know it’s not going to be 325g of the world’s finest chocolate as that’d cost about 100g at least for that quantity. For this chocolate pizza it’d only cost £12.95.

When it’s delivered you’ll open up the outer packaging and spy what looks like a real pizza box, although this one doesn’t have melted cheese, fat and oil seeping through to ruin your coffee table. This is a more domestic affair. Inside that box is some red paper that just gives it a bit more of a luxurious feel, and below that you’ll catch your first glance of the prize held within. Simply unpeel the wrapping which is basically the same stuff on a ready meal and the dive in.

Novelty Chocolate Pizza

You’ll get eight fairly small pieces of chocolate pizza which are good for two or three mouthfuls. On the top the solid chocolate base you’ll get more chocolate in the form of flakes, some milk and white chocolate Malteser-like things and some vanilla fudge.

Novelty Chocolate Pizza

Each slice must be about 10cm long and about 1cm deep – so it’s good a good thickness of base. But what about the taste? Well of course I’m not going to pass some Amedei or Valrhona, but this is just what it’s supposed to be: sweet novelty chocolate confectionary. The flavour is mild, buttery and with a sweet top note. There is strange after-taste, but I doubt most people would stop to notice that. In fact, it just tastes very much like Cadbury’s Wispa, albeit with the odd dash of honeycomb via the balls.

Novelty Chocolate Pizza

But what about the ingredients? Here goes a minimum of 33.8% cocoa solids (almost double the normal Cadbury’s chocolate bars), sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, soya lecithin, natural vanilla. That didn’t sound too bad did it? All the weird stuff comes in the fudge and the Maltesers which leads me to the question – what the heck is “demineralised whey powder”?

Novelty Chocolate Pizza

Yeh I know it’s not top notch, single origin cocoa hand-picked by bare-feet eunuch with a three year conch time, but it’s just a bit of fun. It doesn’t taste out of this world, but it’s damn addictive. Don’t hate me!

Shall I rate it? Of course. Taking in context I’ll give it a fairly round 60%. Don’t knock it unless you’ve tried it. I’ve not tried bungee jumping, so make up your own mind!

What will I be reviewing tomorrow? Something completely different – the Amano Chuao!!


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  • K.Forrest

    the chocolate base was lovely, creamy milk chocolate and apart from the fudge on the top it was the perfect treat. well worth £12.95!
    i disagree that they were fairly small slices. 7/10 from me as there could have been less fudge and more dark chocolate on the top!

  • P Evans

    The taste, look and packaging are very good but the key is the value. Most ‘special treat’ or ‘gift’ chocolate seems to work on the Veblan commodity priciple. Here we have lots of top quality chocolate in gift level packaging at only slightly more than ordinary chocolate price. I will be getting this again.

  • Laura McCoy

    I loved the chocolate pizza ! chocolate was sweet and creamy a bit like galaxy chocolate but was much nicer. each slice was thick and had plenty of goodies on top i particularly liked the fudge. I could have easily eaten 2 or 3 slices in fact the whole pizza if given the chance! I have also tasted the huge easter pizza which was just as good as a result i would be happy with any of the gourmet chocolate pizzas ! xx

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