315 Chocolate Tweeps You Can’t Afford Not To Follow

… and a few others besides. Below you’ll find over 250 tweeps who are involved in the chocolate industry. I’ve mainly focused on chocolate makers, chocolatiers and chocolate shops. But I’ve also thrown in some chocolate PR, journalists and people who provide great information about chocolate.

I was going to include a full list of chocolate bloggers as well, but that’ll have to be in another release of this list as there’s just so many. There are also over 2,000 people on twitter working in food PR too, so I’ll create another list for those too. What was surprising was the number of great chocolate brands not on Twitter – strange as they’re missing out on a load of great natter.

If I’ve missed out anyone, then drop me a line below and I’ll add you in.

Update: I’m moving this list over to PeerIndex as it’ll be easier to keep up-to-date. You can find it here, or as a scrollable list below:

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  • Rupert Jones

    Hey you missed out a gorgeous chocolate shop who are good on twitter Lucky’s London

    • Lee

      Hi Rupert,

      Thanks for that! Yup I filtered over 5000 possibles down to about 1000 and then by hand down to nearly 300. I certainly did miss Lucky’s – an oversight I’ve now fixed.

      If there’s anymore, let me know.

      Kind regards,