Paul A Young 100% Madagascar – Guest Post

I love Paul A Young’s chocolates.  Walking into one of his stores is like Christmas all at once. A huge table of freshly made chocolates presents itself to you, inviting you to tuck in. And when you do (you can’t help it), you are not disappointed.  Not one for conformity, Young’s chocolates boast an amazing array of different taste experiences, mixing flavours you just would not expect. His award winning salted caramels are to die for!

Young also sells a wide range of chocolate bars, including a few of his own. The 100% bar from Madagascar is one of his. Only small but very thick and chunky, just how I love my chocolate. The dark chocolate is almost black and it breaks off very crisply and cleanly. As it melts on the tongue you experience the strong notes of burnt tobacco and dried figs filling your mouth. This chocolate is extremely powerful in it’s flavours and some might find it too bitter. The texture is quite powdery and dry, indicative perhaps of a shorter conch time.  Whilst bold and brave, I’d say this is only a chocolate for those who like their chocolate strong. I can imagine it being too overwhelming for those trying 100% chocolate for the first time. It certainly packs a punch!

Lizzi Simmons


Lee McCoy

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  • Calvin Graham

    Very bitter, not sweet at all. I nibbled away at it with a scotch whisky and thought they matched well in the way that some other people might have a cigar. Not for amateurs but I enjoyed it!